The Story inside The Battles

The Story inside The Battles

Set in a dystopian future where humanity has fallen from its highest potential, Magnus Battles decides to save us all from the villainous “Bad Forces” who are reigning over humankind. He selects five people to complete a series of arduous challenges.

Each contestant is entitled to cook up their very best big life project.

The winner receives a magical amulet that grants him supernatural power. With this, the chosen one can usher humanity towards a brighter tomorrow.

But first, Magnus and the elves must deal with the Bad Forces’ mole, whose only purpose is to undermine their ambitious plan. Will they succeed?


You will be placed in the roles of these heroes as they go through the challenging tasks before them.

Learn how to become the best possible version of yourself. Because once you’ve read “The Battles,” you too can become a hero—and not just for one day.

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Bonus Section

A Warning – Meet with Alexia

Early men discover the vestiges of an ancient civilization. While they explore the devastated city, a strange hologram appears. See what Alexia has to say:

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The Story inside The Battles

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The Story inside The Battles

You can be the Next Hero!

Get the concentrated wisdom of Wallace D. Wattles, Napoleon Hill, Charles Mackay, among others.

The Story inside The Battles

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