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4 days ago
Years of Living Dangerously

The world is on the verge of a sixth mass extinction and humans are responsible. The uncertain fate of the elephant epitomizes this struggle. Time is short but there is still time. We caused this ... See more

1 week ago
Live Your Dreams!

If you continue doing what you are doing now, will you reach your dreams?
#thebattles #changeyourlife #getinspired #bigdream #motivation

2 weeks ago
These experts say we have three years to get climate change under control. And they’re the optimists.

Only 3 years left! Let us act now #fortheplanet

The world needs to start carbon cuts on a dramatic scale to hold on to the chance of limiting warming.

3 weeks ago
Years of Living Dangerously

Beautiful and mindful vid! Please comment, like and share

Despite its widespread global impacts, there aren't a lot of climate change music videos out there. So we decided to make one. It's set to the "All My Days" by Alexi Murdoch cut using footage of the ... See more

3 weeks ago
Timeline Photos

How happy are you? Think positive! #thebattles #getinspired

3 weeks ago
Tracing tuna from sea to fork – Human Nature - Conservation...

Tracing tuna from sea to fork

Scientists, businesses and governments are coming together for a common goal: to make all tuna fully traceable by 2020.

3 weeks ago
Ecologist Special Report: EU must back up its words with action on deforestation

Though the Earth loses forests at an alarming rate, the EU has yet to take decisive action against the most severe causes of deforestation. The EU must now act swiftly to ensure its consumption no ... See more

3 weeks ago
A bitter scientific debate just erupted over the future of the U.S. electric grid

A bitter scientific debate just erupted over the future of America’s power grid

A high-profile paper said the United States could leave fossil fuels behind by 2045. Now, a group of scientists are saying it was riddled with errors and unrealistic assumptions.

4 weeks ago
7 animal dads that go above and beyond – Human Nature -...

7 animal dads that go above and beyond

This Father's Day, we take a look at eight dads in the animal kingdom that go above and beyond.

4 weeks ago
We're Still Stronger Together

Vivian Woodell, social entrepreneur and founder of the phone co-op, shares his thoughts on the growing co-operative movement and its role in building collaborative, sustainable alternatives to the ... See more

4 weeks ago
Usher Web

A new star was born that night! The winner of The Voice.
What's your special talent? #getinspired Be the next hero

Usher and Chris Blue Live sang Everybody Hurts last night on the finale of The Voice. Chris went on to win this season.

4 weeks ago
The Alaska Life

“Being a parent means loving your child more than you’ve ever loved yourself.” - Anonymous


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Photo by Kathleen Patricia Turner at Katmai National Park & Preserve.

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