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“The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself.”
― Wallace D. Wattles

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Christiane wrote on December 21, 2016:
Hi there, Christiane here.
While I was working on this book, I learned a lot from Magnus Battles. Many success strategies are based primarily on stage one: Motivation. But, although motivation is important, it isn't everything. Motivate a mule and you'll get a motivated mule! Ambition without skill conducts most of the time to frustration and failure.
Instead, Magnus teaches the right steps to acquire the necessary skills, the technics. "If you know you can do a thing, and you know how to do that thing, it is impossible that you will fail at it if you really try." That's it! I was taught that success is 90% motivation and 10% skill. This was an illusion. Though success is exciting, excitement does not necessarily cause success.
I spent about nine amazing months with Big Magnus. When he left, I felt a bit sad. Maybe others will miss him too? However, his wisdom will last forever.



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